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Cliff Morrison

Cliff Morrison and The Lizard Sun Band's Reality Show

Get lost in the attention-grabbing story of Cliff Morrison as told by this reality television series.

Copyright by Floyd Bocox and Lisa Walsh 2014
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Morrison Land, The Series

Morrison Land is a personality-driven reality television series based on the true life of Cliff Morrison, the son of Jim Morrison, legendary lead singer with the classic rock band The Doors. The series episodes are recorded and presented in a reality show format. Season one focuses on Cliff Morrison, his family and friends, and Cliff's release from a ten-year prison sentence. This first season is composed of twelve half-hour episodes observing the personal and group struggles between Cliff Morrison, his fiancé, and Cliff's manager and friend, Floyd Bocox, as they try to help Cliff gain his birthright as the son and heir to Jim Morrison and his estate. These twelve episodes are subdivided into three blocks of four episodes each. The story covers four major story beats:

  1. The first part shows the release of Cliff Morrison from prison and his reunion with his family and friends. Cliff's personal story is revealed by Cliff himself, as well as Floyd Bocox.
  2. Next, the story moves onto the formation of the new Lizard Sun Band, comprised of previous members and newly-auditioned members. Floyd's personal and business relationships are presented as he shares his agenda. Cliff's ideas on moving forward are also shared.
  3. In this section, the reality show is filmed from Jim Morrison's previous home on Love Street in Laurel Canyon near Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. We have even received confirmation to film several segments from this home.
  4. Finally, Cliff Morrison brings in other siblings from the Morrison estate to work with him on other projects, including the filming of Cliff Morrison and The Lizard Sun Band performing at concerts worldwide. It also covers the fans wondering if Cliff is Jim Morrison's true son. We know that eventually, the DNA issue will be resolved on this show, and Cliff Morrison will be recognized as the true heir of the estate.

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